Treatment for AMN/ALD men and women


I want to share my experience with everyone, I have found something I think should be used as a treatment for everyone suffering with ALD/AMN. I live in the UK and use 2 crutches to walk but on 4 separate occations on holidays to Cyprus after being there 2 - 3 days I had a amieliotation of my symptoms I could walk unaided, I had no spasm's no pain, I could even run up the stairs! but after being back in the UK in less than 24 hours I was back the same? since this I have done loads of research and have realised it is Vitamin D from the sun! I started taking 5000iu vitamin D3 July last year and my spasm's stopped! but from Oct they started again and my neuropathic pain got worse, I did more research and found that vitamin d needs Magnesium to be converted to it's active form in the bloodstream and will cause Magnesium deficiency! I have started taking a supplement ZMA which contains Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B6 and I take 2000iu Vitamin D3 and my spasm's have stopped and I have reduced my pain medication. I am a member of a UK based forum called AMN Easier it has know been made public so you dont need to be a member to read new posts, I have posted with more information please see my link:

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Hi Steve,

Thank you very much for sharing your experience. I am female and therefore my symptoms have not been as severe as my brother's. However, I do experience much stiffness, some pain and some spasms. I certainly cannot run up or down the stairs. I have not been able to pinpoint those moments when everything loosens again and I feel I've returned to normal condition, but I know I enjoy walking outside - the longer the walk, the better and less stiff I feel. Perhaps it is from exposure to the sun!

I will now conduct my own experiments!

All the best,

Julie (NY)