'Amble for ALD' fundraiser. Please join in and raise funds for ALD research

Hi everyone

I recently posted an event for the 10th of September this year to raise money for research in to ALD. I represent the uk based charity ALDLife and we recently got together with all the other ALD charities around the world to form an Alliance. Amongst many other things it means we hope to pool our efforts, resources and funds to increase patient support but also to raise money for research.

This is the first event where we, as an international charity, patient and carer community we can work together to raise money for little effort. Just get as many friends as you can to do a short sponsored walk. Get your children or friend’s kids to do a short walk to raise money and give the proceeds to one of our ALD charities such as StopALD or FightALD in the US or ourselves in the UK.

You have all been touched by this disease in some way so why not contribute directly to finding a cure or treatment for ALD or AMN. We are working with directly with the relevant Scientists so understand exactly what is required and how the money will be used.

I had very little response last time I posted this so come on everyone. Please help us raise money. If you can help then get in touch with me please at ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■


Mark, this is great! Does the fundraiser have a web site you would like to share? If not, our tech team can set one up for you via Indiegogo.com. They helped us set up other fundraisers, for example: http://indiegogo.com/avmsurvivors


That would be great! Mark, is there a logo yet?

Hi Ben. Check ur email please as i sent you something about apps. I would just direct everyone to the live but soon to be launched ALD-AMN Global Alliance website at www.ald-amnglobalalliance.org.



Do you mean logo for the run?

Hi, Mark, please email ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■, also. He's in charge of partnerships with other groups. Thanks so much for keeping in touch. It's amazing how fast http://www.BensFriends.org has grown in the past year.