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How are things with you these days? Did you have a good summer, or if you're one of our friends "down under", how did you weather the cool season?

Share your news! Everyone loves to hear positive things, but if your news isn't so great, we'll be glad to give you some support. That's what we're all here for, after all.

So what's new with you, and how are you doing?

Hello,My son Jerrick Landry and I (Tasha Williams) are doing fine.He has his Bone Marrow Transplant 3 years ago.He has return back to school and doing great.

How great is that? Hearing good things like Jerrick's story lifts the spirit!

Tasha, you know how frightening an ALD diagnosis can be for a parent. Sharing your experience can be exactly the thing they need when the going gets tough. On behalf of the members here, thank you!

Hi Tasha,

That is great news. I have 2 boys with ALD who went through the Bone Marrow process 9 years ago and both continue to thrive.


hi htere

i am doing well thanks! it is Spring now in South Africa so i am excited for the warmer days to come. I am excited to share that i found a genetic lab in South Africa Who can test for ALD in eggcells and we might be able to have a healthy baby in the future. it cost a lot of money but we ae taking one day at a time. i will keep you posted.