Small behavior change question


I have a question that I'm hoping someone can give me some insight on. My son Gabriel is in a bit more advanced stage (LOES score of 14). He is still able to run and play, albeit he gets tired much faster. His writing skill are all but gone, as well as the ability to read as he used to. One thing my wife and I have noticed however, is that while he has stayed loving with me (actually has become a bit more so) he can be a bit more mean to my wife. Not sure if that is even the right word because it's more along the lines of certain times when he doesn't want her to hug him. He's never been this way with her before. As I said, it's not 'mean' in the sense that he does things to her, it's more with-holding from her the same things he's giving me. This is not all the time, but every now and again. Has anyone else experienced anything like this?!?!!? We realize we probably should watch 'Lorenzo's Oil', but don't know how we could get through it knowing the stage that Gabe is at.


Hi. I am new to this group. My grandson who is 7 and had a BMT that failed is struggling with a variety of symptoms and is often only willing to be with his father. We don't know why he is negative towards his mother unless her heard someone mention he got this disease from her. Its also possible that he identifies with his father. He is also drawn more to my husband. He wants male help it seems. GOD bless you with strength as He does us.