Carrier symptoms - document for us to use

I want to compile a document comparing carrier symptoms, that we can have handy when visiting doctors. It can also sometimes be a relief to hear that others have some of the same issues - a case of "so it's NOT just me!".

Attached (hopefully I've done it right) is a document listing symptoms that I have learnt of from other carriers. If you would like to be involved, in the last column please note if you have experienced the symptom, maybe describing it more if you think necessary.

I'm sure there are symptoms I've missed - if so, add them to the bottom.

Email your document back to me @ ■■■■, with confirmation if you want to remain anonymous or if I can put your name (first/whole).

Hopefully we'll be able to get some kind of working document to help us prove to these doctors that it's not all in our heads!

50-ALDsymptoms.docx (15.4 KB)


This is a great idea! I will work on it and email back.


Carlyn roy

Here is my document notice the additions on the bottom.

thanks again


51-ALDsymptoms.docx (15.2 KB)

Hi there. Only just seen this! Could you email it to me at ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■. I can add it to the ALD-AMNGlobal Alliance pages. Thanks. Mark