Bone marrow transplantation for X-ALD

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Kindly guide me on the Bone marrow transplantation for X-ALD, Would any one could explain in detail about the same

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Hi, please look at this link:

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Is there any option for getting the Lorenzo's oil, There are many barriers to get the Oil in India, There is no distributors for this Oil, Kindly revert with your comments

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I recommend that you should contact the Myelin Project through

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Thank you Steven, I tried, But Couldn get the Oil, Would you please Help me in getting the Oil, Is there any diet while having this Oil.

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I think you would be best to contact one of the ALD charities? or as I don’t know how? I do know there is a very strict low fat diet to follow.

They are preferring their location prescription, I donno exactly wat to do, you know any ALD patient

I have a son with ALD who had a bone marrow transplant at the University of Minnesota. I would contact Dr. Paul Orchard at UMN. (Go to for more information.) My sons' picture is the one on the front of that website.